Our aim is to seek and share practical tools and techniques, that can help in :

becoming more aware of you and the hidden dynamics affecting your life,

understanding your limitations and better utilize your capabilities,

finding your core to rely on and how to stay in your balanced and infinitely creative state,

creating your own set of tools, tailored to your needs,

building a holistic view to cover various issues of life.

We hold lectures, one-on-one and group sessions, workshops/trainings

in the following topics:

Access Consciousness

(Access Bars & Access Body Processes – to eliminate the energetic imprints of past events and the limiting beliefs to heal the body, the spirit and to create a life worth living)

Working with entities

that can contribute and clearing unwanted entities

Family & Systemic Constellations

(for individuals and businesses – working with the ‘Field of Ancestors’ to let go the burdens )

Life Coaching & Holistic Business Planning

Which of these can contribute to your life?
…and which other ways we may work with you?

We love Access Consciousness

By using the tools of Access Consciousness our whole life has changed totally. It is much more joy, fun and ease 🙂 We love using and sharing our examples (we have a lot:-) in which areas of our life has changed and how. Like, relationships, money situation, business, body, health, etc….
We are happy and keen to share these tools and how to add more to your life. How to be the invitation and the contribution to others and to the whole World! What future would you desire to create? What future would you desire to live in? Is it the time?

We enjoy finding new ways, techniques and ideas that can help people in improving their life.

Experimenting the tools and then going out further and creating new ones is a great joy and makes us so excited. As a result, We have an ever growing set of tools, that We can’t wait sharing with you.

“We have chosen this journey… and now inviting you to discover what contribution this can be to your life…”

Did you ever ask yourself?

What would it take for me to live a life, that I can only dream about?
How could I change and improve the money situation that I am in?
What would be the right job for me, where I can naturally excel?
In which ways can I improve my relationship?
What is right about my body, that I don’t get?
We are here to show you the many ways, ACCESS BARS, ACCESS FACELIFT, THE FOUNDATION,  and our Specialty Classes like : YOUR ACOUSTICAL BODY, JOYFUL RELATIONSHIPS, 100% COMMITTED, BREAKING OUT OF THE PRISON OF ABUSE and more classes can invite you to transform each aspect of your life…
…to live the life you desire, the way you desire.


“Csilla and Rocco are an amazing couple. Both of them are focusing on life-long self-development and they are really open to help on others as well. Both of them are really good listeners and they always gave me wise advices, whenever I needed a new direction in my life. Guys, thank you for all of your care”

Eszter Szigethy
Auckland, New Zealand

“Csilla and Rocco’s one-day bars class was so helpful and I’ve learnt a lot from them though it was my third time to attend a one-day Bars class. They used movie materials effectively as well as taught us many better ways to touch bars or to ask helpful questions which allow clients to receive more during the session or which allow us to receive more in our lives.
Thank you so much, Csilla and Rocco!!”

Takayuki Mito

“Having some family constellation sessions I can tell, the morphogenetic field is reality. Rocco guidance has been very gentle, all – embracing and effective. He accurately followed this energy field around and observed our reaction at the same time. Waiting for the right moment with patience to facilitate a situation what had hidden before. In this session I could understand why I had been desperately seeking the Source in my life. That recognition was a very deep liberation. Highly recommend everyone who have any family or personal issues in their life.”

Zoltan Balazs
Motueka, New-Zealand

Csilla and Rocco are amazing, meeting them in person has been a great contribution for me. They have such a simplicity and sweetness but also such a strongness in conveying their knowledge and …. who knows what other big surprises in this 2019 !!!!! I can’t wait to meet them … again.

Paola Petrini


“So much gratitude to Csilla and Rocco! The Your Aoustical Body Class in Brazil was sensational and one of the best choices I made in 2018.”

Sandra Ramos