Bars Swap with the Acoustical Vibration in Latin America – 4 June 2019

Csilla and Rocco Wunderle would like to invite you to a BARS SWAP with the ACOUSTICAL VIBRATION on the on the 4th of June. They are coming online at 7pm BRT and talk about the Acoustical Vibration and do an exercise. Also, you can ask your questions as well.

This is not a zoom call, so only those who are doing Bars swaps can attend and get the zoom link.

If you would like to organize a BARS SWAP in your city on the 4th of June, please write an email to [email protected] and will send you more details about it.

What else is really possible beyond this reality? What magic can we create?
What invitation and contribution can this be in your life and in the whole world if you receive a Bars and receive the energy and the space of the Acoustical Vibration?

Thank you and can’t wait to create something greater together!

Languages available: ENGLISH – ESPAÑOL – PORTUGUÊS


Rocco Wunderle & Csilla Wunderle-Kratky
Founders of ‘Your Acoustical Body™’, ‘Breaking Out of the Prison of Abuse™’ and ‘Joyful Relationship™’ Access Specialty Class
Certified Facilitators – New Zealand




Jun 04 2019


Check your local time
7:00 pm - 7:45 pm


Csilla and Rocco Wunderle

Facilitated by

Csilla and Rocco Wunderle
[email protected]