Creating the Body, the Money and the Lifestyle You Desire | ACOUSTICAL ENERGY PULL a 10-Day Online Series | from the 26th of August to the 4th of September 2019

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We are really going beyond with this Acoustical Energy Pull series! Are you coming with us to start to create beyond this reality and create the magic in your life and in the world?

We would like to invite you to this 10 days ACOUSTICAL journey, with lots of energy, acoustical vibration, money, relationships, body, infinite possibilities and what else is possible?
What would it take to explore what is really possible beyond this reality? 🙂

Create the Body, the Money and the Lifestyle You Desire – bring it into fruition! 

How to use the Acoustical Vibration, Wavelength, communicate with the molecules, change your body and situations in your life and such more! Different topic every day with live facilitation.

You can join anytime during these 10 days, but NO sales/registration after the last ZOOM call on the 4th of September.

After registration and payment, the audio recordings starting from the very first day will be provided (if you register after the first day)!

Creating the Body, the Money and the Lifestyle You Desire | ACOUSTICAL ENERGY PULL – 10-Day Online Series with Csilla and Rocco Wunderle
26 August – 4 September
Time: 8am CEST
Duration: 30 minutes every morning for 10 days
Languages: English, French
Translators: Véronique Clement

*Price: 90 EUR – 100 USD (=155 NZD) *you will be charged in New Zealand dollars (NZD)
The price includes the audio recording for each day, so you can listen it back anytime 🙂 How does it get any better than this?

If life was a harmonious dance, would you dance with us?

So look forward to meeting you soon! 🙂
With Ease & Joy & Glory – Csilla and Rocco CFs

HOST & TRANSLATOR: Véronique Clement


Rocco Wunderle & Csilla Wunderle-Kratky
Founders of ‘Your Acoustical Body™’, ‘Breaking Out of the Prison of Abuse™’ and ‘Joyful Relationship™’ Access Specialty Class
Certified Facilitators – New Zealand



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Hourly Schedule


Aug 26 2019 - Sep 04 2019


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8:00 am - 8:30 am


90 EUR - 100 USD (=155 NZD)
Csilla and Rocco Wunderle

Facilitated by

Csilla and Rocco Wunderle


Véronique Clement
Véronique Clement